Kzine, Issue 9

Issue 9 of Kzine, the Kindle-based magazine of genre fiction, is out now over at Amazon (links to USA/UK store). This one features my story, “Dear Sweet Rosie,” a first-person piece about a shapeshifter trying to get to grips with language and the less-than-benign motives of those around her.

It was a fun story to write, very much a voice and character piece. Rosie’s viewpoint gave me a chance to play around with the shifting, uncertain qualities of language as they relate to her own abilities and her growing understanding of the world around her, and to do it in an unrestricted and childlike way.

Also check out Steve Rogerson’s review of Issue 9 here.

Table of contents:

  •  Stephen Gallagher – Editorial
  • Joshua Schwartzkopf – Connections
  • R. Marquez – The Obligation
  • Dusty Wallace – Witchcraft 2.0
  • Danielle N. Gales – Dear Sweet Rosie
  • Michael Haynes – Escape
  • Rhonda Parrish – Shattered
  • Vaughan Stanger – Time to Play
  • Maureen Bowden – Teller
  • Jez Patterson – Heads
  • Paul Hamilton – Seventeen Year Switch


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